About the Journal

The Journal of the Marine Acoustics Society of Japan, since its inaugural issue published in March 1974, has now reached its 192nd issue (as of December 2023) and will soon reach its historic 200th issue milestone. The purpose of publishing this journal is to contribute to the promotion and development of marine acoustics research and marine development industry. The journal encompasses the effective utilization of marine biological resources and seabed mineral resources, serving as one of the pillars of the Society’s efforts for outreach and education. This journal is a bilingual publication with both Japanese and English articles aimed at broadly showcasing the activities of our members involved in marine acoustics. It includes research papers and letters presenting the latest research results, as well as reviews and lectures to disseminate knowledge and techniques related to marine acoustics. The content also includes essays on this topic. Please take a look at the Open Access papers and letters in English listed separately.

Open access site for papers and letters (mixed Japanese and English)

List of English Language Papers and Letters